We offer a complete collection of auto parts and automobile accessories. Our array of parts includes all the parts that are needed to complete your vehicle. We are a leading supplier of premium quality auto parts in Pakistan. Our product range shelves components of many local and international brands.



Internal combustion engines come in various configurations and displacement capacities. The primary parts of these engines include cylinder head, piston and cylinder, crankshaft, crankcase, rocker arm and valves, camshaft, and spark plug and ignition system.
Beginning from the top of the engine is the cylinder head, bolted onto the engine cylinder. The cylinder head and cylinder together form the combustion chamber. And, we provide both of these parts. As for the piston, we deliver a good quality piston to ensure an airtight environment for combustion and for maximum pressure. Our crankshafts are manufactured with forged steel, machined by CNC machines, and balanced to precision. To accommodate all the important engine parts like crank, cylinder, piston, pinion, gears, oil pump, and other components in a hermetically sealed environment, we produce strong crankcases. To give a high voltage spark to your engine, with precise timing for the spark, get our spark plug for your ignition system.
We made engine parts with quality material; our space-age coating and remarkable sealing techniques make engines long-lasting and more durable.


There is a list of key components that make up the vehicle, and each one performs the specific operation and helps in keeping it operational on the road. One of the primary parts is the transmission. Its integral role is to allow the engine to spin free of the wheel and to keep the engine speed in the correct range relevant to the speed.
We provide a range of internal and external parts, used by transmission, to maintain an ideal RPM. These include bearing, main/input shaft, counter/output shaft, gears, shift fork, shift drum, shift linkage, and differential.
Get premium bearing from us and allow the transmission shafts to spin free and true. Smoothly transfer the power with our input and output shafts. Have all the types of gear for your vehicles. Our lightweight and exclusively designed shift fork, shift drum, shift linkage make it very effortless to control the movement of gears.


The automobile industry is incessantly evolving. New features and techniques are being introduced. However, with these new advancements, wheelers are becoming more and more comfortable and complex. Knowing the setup of your suspension system and making imperative adjustments is a great step to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.
We offer superior suspensions that isolate the rider and chassis from road bumps, dips, or other ground imperfections. We deal in spring and damper (Shock absorber); a complete set of both. They work in a balanced and tuned way to give the finest ride.
Our quality springs for increased load ensure ride height and body sway are returned to original specification. With our meticulously designed shock absorbers, the rate of compression reduces to an optimal level to enable the rider to have a firm grip on the ground.
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Through the long experience of decades, we are offering unparalleled services and products. Our time-tested approaches empower us to design, produce and deliver the parts that have the capacity to serve the ultimate purpose. Our large production capacity compels our clients to get all of their business requirements fulfilled from a single platform.